March 27, 2019
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An individual from Vietnam with degenerative osteoarthritis, or commonly known as wear and tear arthritis consulted Dennis M. Lox M.D. for stem cell therapy of her hip. She’d tried prescription anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections it doesn’t help. Her orthopedic surgeon recommended a hip replacement surgery. She’d a pal who created severe infection from a knee replacement and it was not wanting to have hip replacement surgery. Another friend had stem cell therapy with Dr. Lox and it was happy about the final results.

She contacted Dr. Lox in his Tampa Bay, Florida office. Dr. Lox also practices in Beverly Hills, California. After hearing principle science of stem cells and hearing her options she chose to proceed with hip stem cell therapy with Dr. Lox. She was amazed at how simple it turned out and admitted she was nervous in advance. Dr. Lox notes that it’s normal that patients are nervous before stem cell therapy. Anxiety about the unknown is generally cited. It will always be the same afterward patients reply to how simple the task was that it was not worth being nervous over.

Hip and knee arthritis is definitely a frequent complaint as women age. The amount of hip and knee replacement surgeries in the us alone is in the millions. A lot more patients are searching for options to hip and knee replacement surgery. hip pain can be a viable choice for some of those patients.

Degenerative hip and knee arthritis can happen as we grow older, but it’s not just simply a wear and tear disorder. It really is frequently more technical. Sometimes the pain sensation is sudden, however the x-rays could possibly be significantly advanced. This can be considered silent degeneration in the joint. It could also be of slow onset with injuries over years and even decades.

Joint arthritis can also occur after trauma. Post-traumatic arthritis can take place even in patients in their twenties if trauma was significant earlier in everyday life. Abnormal joint wear can take place with alignment derangements for example leg length discrepancy, knock knees or bowed legs. Essentially the most prevalent cause of excessive wear is being overweight. The standard American gains Ten pounds per decade. 20-50 pounds more weight will cause considerable excessive strain on the hips, knees and ankles with time. It’s not atypical that arthritis is viewed in multiple joints due to this.

Trauma accelerates arthritis in the joints as well as prior surgery. Patients could have a mix of several of these factors. Lastly, there is a genetic predisposition for the development of joint arthritis. Fortunately, the concept of Regenerative Medicine and stem cell treatment therapy is blossoming and prospective buyers of earlier treatment and new developments should be bright.

If you’re hurting or had an accident and they are searching for an option to surgery, in the us, Canada or any other country, contact us immediately at a locations. Our Main Medical Center situated in Tampa Bay, Florida (727) 462-5582 or at Beverly Hills, California (310) 975-7033. | [email protected]
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