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Mass E-mail marketing can make it affordable and straightforward for email marketers to improve their annual revenue. Using a focused vision, the proper application, you can monetise your mass mailing into maximum return on your investment.

All you could require is Swipemail mass mailing price and package .

Improve your brand-loyal Build viewers reach to customer who would like to regularly read your comments
Position your brand identity
Encourage new and repeat customers for sales promotion

Email Marketing Cost and packages:

At Swipemail we develop E-mail marketing Packages at a cost in which you can’t find a way to lose.

Email marketing packages 1: you are able to send unlimited emails at $20 for a month. By unlimited we implies that we’ve not kept any upper limit on sending for any users. However, since this is a shared plan, the whole sending capacity of our platform will be divided one of the current available active users. On an average, you may expect 1000-2000 emails / hour. But it may go greater than when other users are not using the system.

Email marketing package 2: you are able to send unlimited emails at $50 to get a three month. By unlimited we signifies that we haven’t kept any maximum on sending for just about any users. However, as this is a shared plan, the whole sending capacity of our own platform will be divided among the current available active users. With an average, you can expect 1000-2000 emails / hour. Nevertheless it may go higher than that if other users usually are not with all the system.

Both the Marketing with email package are fantastic for those who are looking for cheapest approach to send bulk mail and possess less data. We kept bulk mail prices so less because we presume no one should left if he could be trying to find mass mailing at affordable cost.

If people are trying to find dedicated email marketing packages we again have very best in bulk mail prices In dedicated set you will get one server and 4 Ips for sending the mass emails, with all the speed of 100K emails daily. Dedicated setup for mass mailing will cost you $150 first month and from next month you spend just $125.

To get more information about mas mail you can check this internet page.

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