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A frequent mode of promoting tool, SMS marketing enables easy communication using the consumers. Having a single message getting used to achieve in the market to the complete client base, it can be cost effective and also saves time.

A rapidly growing sector, SMS marketing has become a marketing and advertising tool with huge potential. Short messages of 140-160 characters in size, SMS enables messages to be provided for a lot of receivers in seconds. It is primarily the extent and simple reach of the application that makes it a robust tool to promote and marketing of items.

Getting adopted by increasingly more business houses as being a preferred mode of marketing tool, SMS marketing has several advantages along with disadvantages.

Easy Reach: Often known as mobile marketing, through this application, marketers can use an individual message to talk for their entire usage. Instead of contacting each customer personally as with telemarketing, in mobile marketing through bulk messaging, a promotional message might be given to several consumers at one time.

Personal Communication: SMS is just about the hottest mode of communication today with many individuals deploying it to communicate with our friends, family and acquaintances. Unlike a contact or even a newsletter, virtually every message that is certainly sent with a cellular phone is mostly read through the user. Being an extremely personal mode of communication, it is possible to generate a direct exposure to the buyer, building about the relationship.

Economical Nature: As an alternative to spending millions on multiple advertising campaigns, a single message enable you to get in touch with all consumers, thereby drastically cutting down on marketing costs. With SMS prices dropping, through bulk messaging a large number of texting may be sent at low cost.

Time Saving: An instantaneous mode of communication, marketers can get in touch with their potential customers every time they want. As most cellular phone users keep their phones with these all the time, through quick messaging time sensitive messages could be sent and responses may also be tracked.

Spam messages: Bombarding mobile phone users with repeated advertising messages does more harm than good. These frequent spam messages annoy, irritate and frustrate users who build a negative attitude towards the firms that are sending the messages which affects their name adversely.

Cost to recipient: Nearly your usual form of messaging, for SMS marketing cellular phone networks charge the two sender along with the receiver with the messages. These extra charges often irritate the receivers and create a negative image of the business house sending the messages.

Limitations of Messages: With messages being tied to 140-160 characters, it is tough to create an efficient message within such short word limit. Moreover, additional information available as hyperlinks might not continually be received properly from the user’s phone.

While there are many disadvantages, yet its extent of reach and value effectiveness, make SMS Marketing a lucrative option being a marketing tool.

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Austin Tolstoy